Our mission

Our mission

Research shows the stress of a hospital-based treatment in children. Short- and long-term effects have been observed in around 30% of children during and after hospitalisation.

 There are many potential sources of stress and anxiety for the child such as :

  • separation from their family and friends.
  • pain and discomfort resulting from their condition and treatment
  • the new and unfamiliar hospital environment
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • falling behind with school
  • lack of control over day-to-day events. and etc.

   The difficulties these young patients experience during this transitional period, relate to the profound change between their active life and the one in hospital, although temporary, is very different. 

our mission

We at the Education and Health Association have set ourselves the following goals:

  • Creating an environment as close as possible to familiarity, helps the child to focus not on his or her illness and strengthens their will to fight to.
  • Setting up a surgery for after-hospital care will ensure disease prevention as well as continuous support with education which had started during the hospital stay. Various initiatives alongside those of health workers will increase:
    • the patients’ health knowledge
    • hygiene habits
    • healthy eating and daily routine once they leave the hospital.
  • Setting up an information portal will encourage and spread to a wider audience the knowledge and further research into the physiological effects of each specific condition and the effect on the children’s learning and education. The aim is for the information to reach children, parents, teachers and other interested parties. 
  • Creating a library of books which can be accessed by all children and their parents while they are in the hospital. For those who cannot leave their bed, the library will come to them. Organising various events relating to reading.